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Community Outreach


RISE Academy Community Service

Community Service is a non-paying job performed by a person or group of people for the benefit of the community or its institutionsEach student at Rise Academy is required to perform Community Service hours to earn points to return to their base school.

Community Service while in Tier 3 (Total 10 hours)

Community Service while in Tier 2 (Total 5 hours)

Community Service while in Tier 1 (Total 5 hours)


*The Rise Academy Community Service Verification form must be completed by the work supervisor and must include their name and phone number. *All community service hours are verified prior to being added to the student's points total. *Student must take a picture of his/herself at the community service site. *(PLEASE TURN IN COMMUNITY SERVICE FORMS TO Ms. Kanti OR Mrs. Sanders ONLY).

Opportunities for Community Service

Note: We realize that many of our younger students will not qualify to help at some of the facilities listed below. You may always help someone who is elderly or disabled by performing jobs that they cannot do. See Ms. Kanti or Mrs. Sanders if you are unsure if it qualifies as community service.


Habitat for Humanity Dorchester

101 Greyback Road, Summerville, SC 29483

Visit their website to schedule an orientation appointment., 843-851-1414


Expanding the Table

1411 Bacon’s Bridge Road, Summerville, SC 29485, John Walker 843-814-4401


Summerville Food Bank

195 Farmington Road Suite E, Summerville, SC 29483


Katie’s Krops

Sign up at


The Green Heart Project, Central Ave

Contact Kimberly Perrineau-Jackson, 843-568-1321

Volunteer Opportunities on Thursdays 5-7 pm


Jenkins Youth and Family Village

3923 Azalea Dr, N. Charleston, SC 29405, 843-744-1771

Contact: Lyndracia Wright, 843-8678139


Community Service Log Form (PDF)