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1325 Boone Hill Road Suite A
Summerville, SC 29483





Rise Bell

9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Early Dismissal Time:

1 p.m.

Exterior of RISE Academy

About Us 

RISE Academy is an alternative education program designed to promote the academic and social development of students in grades 6-12, who have been assigned to our program by a hearing officer.  Participation in the alternative school program is the last chance option in lieu of expulsion.  Attending RISE Academy is a privilege and not an educational right.

Students are provided the opportunity to succeed in a supportive, non-traditional educational delivery system that is computer-assisted and based upon individual learning styles and needs.  Included in the alternative school curriculum are programs to enhance the students' abilities to function successfully outside of the school, such as community service, career exploration, interpersonal skill development, and individual and family counseling.


Mission Statement

The Mission of RISE Academy is to provide students a unique alternative educational setting while addressing academic, behavioral, and social needs.